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Services Not Offered by Overland

Come Tour with Overland!

We are the only tour company that offers exclusive tours into Canyon X on the Navajo Indian Reservation.

We also offer convenient guided tours into Upper Antelope Canyon (also known as corkscrew canyon). Guides are knowledgeable local area residents licensed by the Navajo Tribe.

Please download our brochure Here PDF Format.

"New in 2014" !

Overland Canyon Tours is excited to offer 2 special photographic adventures in 2014. The first one is a a 188 mile Colorado River Trip through the Grand Canyon and the second one is a special animal photo shoot with animals from Triple D Game Farm in our exclusive canyon x. Please check out both events in our tour drop down menu.

"Important Information" !

Any person who is taking photos in Antelope Canyon, Canyon X, Secret Canyon, The Fins at Water Hole Canyon or any where else on the Navajo reservation and plans on selling his or her images in either print or book format is required to obtain a commercial permit from the Antelope Canyon Tribal Park. The permit application will be attached to your confirmation email that will send to you after making a reservation or call 928-608-4072 for any further question.

Please make sure to apply for your photographic permit at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled tour to ensure you will receive your permit prior to your tour or vacation.

Advertisement, Services Not Offered by Overland

Overland Canyon Tours reserves the right to refuse or to cancel a photographic tour if the required permit is not on hand.

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